Facebook: En lögnares ansikte ?

Facebook förnekar att de följer användare över nätet


Also please know that also when you’re logged in (or out) we don’t use our cookies to track you on social plugins to target ads or sell your information to third parties. I’ve heard from so many that what we do is to share or sell your data, and that is just not true. We use your logged in cookies to personalize (show you what your friends liked), to help maintain and improve what we do, or for safety and protection.

En patentansökan från Facebook:

1. A method for tracking information about the activities of users of a social networking system while on another domain, the method comprising: maintaining a profile for each of one or more users of the social networking system, each profile identifying a connection to one or more other users of the social networking system and including information about the user; receiving one or more communications from a third-party website having a different domain than the social network system, each message communicating an action taken by a user of the social networking system on the third-party website; logging the actions taken on the third-party website in the social networking system, each logged action including information about the action; and correlating the logged actions with one or more advertisements presented to the one or more users.

Ja vad skall man säga – de tar patent på en metod att följa människor över nätet – samtidigt som de påstår att de inte följer människor över nätet.

Turligt nog så skall Facebook agerande granskas.

3 Responses to Facebook: En lögnares ansikte ?

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  3. De gör det kanske inte? Än.

    Men så snart ”debatten har lagt sig” kommer de alldeles säkert att göra det. Because they can.